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Twin Peaks Health Plans- A new standard in veterinary care!

Each plan includes wellness care, dental cleanings, and dental X-rays!

At Twin Peaks, we understand that the high cost of vet care often prevents pets from getting basic wellness care. Because of that, each of our Health Plans covers wellness care, annual dental cleanings (or spay/neuter), and dental X-rays!

Each plan is different when it comes to unexpected care

Considering unexpected care is just as important for your pet’s health as considering wellness care. One in three pets will need unexpected veterinary care each year! Accidents and illnesses can wreak havoc on your family budget. The plan you choose gives you either 50% off or 90% off non-wellness services.

The 90% Health Plan is the standard every pet deserves

There is a big difference between 50% off and 90% off when it comes to unanticipated expenses. The 90% plan is specifically designed to make unexpected care affordable, which is good for your budget and great for your pet’s health. With this plan, you have the ability to choose the best care for your pet when he/she needs it.

Health Plans at a glance

* Down Payment of $120 required for 1st year, reducing monthly payment by $10/month

** Available for new 90% Cat Health Plan to owners who already have at least one pet on a Health Plan

*** Promotional pricing valid for one Plan year.

The following are neither discounted nor included on a Health Plan: Cremation, outside lab work, outside X-ray readings, specialty surgery provided by a visiting specialist, pharmacy, retail items.

If a Health Plan is not renewed, the pet will enter a 1-year waiting period before they are eligible for a new plan

Upgrading or downgrading a Health Plan can only be done at renewal

Plans will automatically renew after 1 year unless otherwise requested

Renewal Choices

Current Health Plan owners, click to view the contract that your plan will automatically renew to on your renewal date.